Presenting at GLOW TECH NAGOYA

Presenting at GLOW TECH NAGOYA

For two consecutive years, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring and instructing at the GLOW TECH NAGOYA program, an initiative deeply committed to supporting startups that will lead the next generation of industries and compete on the global stage.


Professionals from various fields, including successful entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and lawyers from Silicon Valley, join this program as instructors and mentors. It provides comprehensive support, equipping businesses with the expertise and insights they need to thrive internationally.

Recently, I conducted a 2-hour lecture and Q&A session titled “Building Competitive Advantage and Going Global.” The subsequent week brought another invaluable opportunity. In collaboration with Mr. Shun Ikeda, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Google’s US headquarters, I provided feedback on startup pitches.

My lecture on competitive advantage revolved around my experiences in the US and the strategies I utilized to carve out and maintain a unique position. Living in the US has made me realize the importance of standing out amongst a sea of talent. Harnessing all available resources and occasionally tweaking one’s mindset can significantly pave the way for establishing a competitive edge.

The pitch feedback session was both informative and enlightening. Listening to Mr. Ikeda’s feedback, especially considering his pivotal role in shaping growth strategies for products like Google Search and YouTube, was a profound learning experience. The perspective of someone at the forefront of growth in Silicon Valley is invaluable.

As highlighted in our recent webinar, there’s a palpable momentum in Japan to nurture startups. Opportunities for them to shine on the global stage seem to be everywhere.

At Tomorrow Access, we draw from our rich experience in business development and startup investments between Japan and the US. We are all in when it comes to supporting Japanese startups. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Written by the CEO, Ken Sobajima.